Friday, May 7, 2010

Mothers day craft hand print and poem

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Oh my goodness, I forgot Sunday was Mothers Day! And I needed to do a craft project with the daycare children. After scrolling through net I came across a few ideas- I had to think and use what I had in the house, paper plates,paint,glitter.tissue paper.This is what I came up with:
Paper plate hand prints with a tissue flower and poem on the back attached and threw in some glue an glitter "voila" this is what we made. I hope you enjoy. Below is the poem we put on the back for mom.

Mothers day Poem:
Children have a certain way
of growing bigger every day,
But these little hands
and this special smile
will stay in our
hearts a long, long while.


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Kids Learn @ Kiboom Daily said...

This is an adorable craft for Mother's Day. Will definitely be sharing it on our site!

all the best,
Sherry + Wendy @ Kiboomu